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all smart phone

  • Color:purple, yellow, blue, green, b
  • Available models:all smart phone
  • Material:ABS+glass+metal+LED
  • Type:personality
  • Added time:2018-01-25

product details


This product is a new high-definition mobile phone lens, using high quality HD multilayer coating glass lens manufacturing, aerospace grade aluminum shell, 198 DEG +0.4x fisheye wide-angle +15x macro + lights four one, all lenses can be used in mobile phone rear camera, and can be used for mobile phone fisheye wide-angle front camera self timer, lights and auxiliary function can be used in low light so, with warm and cool colors of both beads, with beautiful skin effect package:14.5*11*3CM 99G 100PCS:57*31*33.4CM 12.3KG